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Beginners guide to Findmypast.co.uk

4th Jun, 2018

Coffee time workshop for beginners in family history. Tickets: £7. 50 (non-refundable) – please book...

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West Cornwall Pasty Company

We believe in giving you perfect mealtime solutions for the best value prices. Let us take care of breakfast, lunch,...


Volunteering Give a little, Gain a lot

30th Nov, 2017

Come and find out more about volunteering and what it can do for an organisation...

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Italian Cooking

20th Jan, 2018

Italian Cooking. Favourite holiday dishes; pasta, pesto and more. SKILL LEVEL : EASY COURSE LENGTH...

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Beautiful Breads

9th Jan, 2018

Beautiful Breads. Enjoy Baking Your Own Loaf of Bread!. SKILL LEVEL : EASY COURSE LENGTH...

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Young Students

13th Dec, 2017

Young Students. Easy cookery for youngsters. SKILL LEVEL : EASY COURSE LENGTH : HALF DAY...

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Students Leaving Home

11th Dec, 2017

Students Leaving Home. A self-catering course before going to UNI. SKILL LEVEL : EASY COURSE...

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Planning Ahead for Christmas

30th Nov, 2017

Planning Ahead for Christmas. The Classics as well as new ideas. SKILL LEVEL : EASY...

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Mostly Veg

29th Nov, 2017

Mostly Veg. A Good Way to Start!. SKILL LEVEL : EASY COURSE LENGTH : FULL...

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Clever Canapes

23rd Nov, 2017

Clever Canapés. Easy food bites and party platters. SKILL LEVEL : MODERATE COURSE LENGTH :...

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Men in the Kitchen

11th Nov, 2017

Men in the Kitchen. Lads its your turn to cook – easy or smart suppers....

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Light Bites

7th Nov, 2017

Mediterranean Light Bites. Favourite light dishes with holiday memories. SKILL LEVEL : MODERATE COURSE LENGTH...